Ambulance Equipment

Ambulance Equipment

62 cm or less ideal for low height from the ground ambulances should be used as a stretcher systems that can be installed by one person. Folding leg system the stretcher in the trendelenburg position backrest and an adjustable stretcher detection systems, patient safety belts, stretcher stretcher strap the mattress and the serum.

The main feature of the upper separable portion of the stretcher when you are prompted, the patient ambulance vehicle loading mechanism easily. Two pulls on the right and left sides of the frame at the foot of the stretcher was pushed into the ambulance by the staff of this detachment, thanks to the legs of a single folded and at the time it was properly removed at the time that will be automatically opened.

Two sided dustpan-shaped stretcher, in the case of possible spinal injuries, the patient an X-ray is used to safely transport until and shock-resistant. Is made out of a special aluminum alloy and has a system lock that can be opened from both sides longitudinally.

Limited is designed to move injured patient from the area. The injured person from the stretcher without moving the patient toward the bottom of both sides of seat belts by pushing patient on a Gurney are locked and fastened with the safe and secure transportation is provided.

Panels, aluminum extrusion tube shaped structure with wings and the center of the line stretcher X-ray permeable. Injured patient should be extremely careful during movement.


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