Medical Gas Systems

Medical Gas Systems

For security reasons our country is no longer a fixture in a hospital in which medical gas systems must be designed in accordance with standards, operating rooms, services and installations should be equipped with devices that control the distribution of the other sections. Repairs and expansions also necessitates the closure of some parts of the system.

For this purpose, these valves must be easily accessible and mapped on each floor on the main pipeline should be placed. To achieve this, floor/zone control panels should be placed on these panels closing valves, pressure switches and indicators it contains. Medical gas systems; also anesthesia gas evacuation systems (AGSS), medical gas outlets, gas and vacuum valves, zone control units, a second stage pressure reduction / control units, pressure and vacuum circuit breaker units, each scale unit includes the power copper pipes floor medical alarms and finally.

Oxygen, nitrous oxide, medical air and vacuum medical gas systems in terms of including the largest so far, a setup are made at the University Hospital, this project has established a network of copper pipe in reanimed 35,000 feet. In general, the need for the creation of a centralized system that covers all Hospital Medical gases for the hospital, it has been concluded that the safest and most reliable method. Pressurized gas bottles is under no obligation to preserve and the risks of an accident or sterilization are kept to a minimum. REANIMED qualified personnel with the necessary norms and ISO-9001, ISO-13485, EN-46001 and en 737, and htm-2022 standards according to medical gas systems in hospitals in Europe and the Middle East has successfully established.


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